Podcast - Welcome to episode 54 of The Innovating Advice Show

Client Value Proposition / Marketing / Strategy / Investment Philosophy / 11 August 2020

David Haintz - Podcast - Welcome to episode 54 of The Innovating Advice Show
David Haintz - Podcast - Welcome to episode 54 of The Innovating Advice Show

Welcome to episode 54 of The Innovating Advice Show. 

I’m joined by David Haintz, AM, founder of Global Adviser Alpha in Australia which he started after a very successful exit from his prior firm in 2015. With a 30 year career as an adviser, David is now focused on his passion of helping global advice businesses become world class.

In this episode, we’re talking through the two areas where advisers provide client value, which David describes as below the line - the largely tangible elements like evidence based investing, benchmarking and rebalancing - and above the line, which are those valuable but intangible elements.

David shares how to add value both above the line and below the line and we discuss the seismic global shift happening in advisers moving above the line to a client goals and lifestyle focused coaching profession.

Links, show notes and timestamps athttps://bit.ly/2Dx5z6k.


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01:30 - Introducing David Haintz, AM

03:22 - The difference between ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’

04:50 - Maximizing your impact below the line

08:15 - Adopting an evidence-based investment philosophy

14:17 - Why cost is only an issue in the absence of value

16:00 - Moving above the line: ask your clients the right questions

19:09 - Rebalancing: having great presentations

20:09 - Benchmarking

21:31 - What an ideal ‘above the line’ advisor looks like

26:35 - How to know if you are above the line

29:35 - Articulating your value and going above the line

32:06 - Articulating your value above the line

35:25 - Expanding your audience: bringing the above the line experience to traditionally underserved people

38:25 - What can spur the shift around the world

41:52 - Some final thoughts

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