Client Centric Advice Program

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David Haintz - Client Centric Advice Program
David Haintz - Client Centric Advice Program

Broadly, as you may well know, key issues for advisers are lack of growth, lack of efficiency, automating systems and processes (which means getting a system and process, THEN automating it) including workflows, managing compliance and regulatory changes, finding rainmakers (growth), improving profitability. I have advised for 26 years, and advised advisers for 6 years.  

It’s my strong view, the global financial advice industry is undergoing a seismic evolution from the perceived value of stock picking, market timing, forecasting and crystal ball gazing (‘below the line’); to a valuable and sustainable ‘above the line’ client goals and lifestyle focused coaching profession, where how you manage a client's behaviours and mindset, and deliver real sustainable value, is more influential in helping clients achieve their goals than how you manage their money.

I see the keys in the industry going forward are enhancement of the client experience, a focus around goals and objectives based advice, and advisers being able to demonstrate and articulate their value.

After helping clients this way for many years, I now want to help the new breed of professional advisers make this transition.

In my previous life at Shadforth, despite being a large business, an initial issue we had in the first 12 months was a lack of organic growth, and poor referral and conversion ratios. We recognised the problem, and the solution I implemented was to develop and roll out a Program I called ‘The Client Centric Advice Program’, which I personally built and rolled out (we moved conversion from 25% to 67% in 12 months). It was a cultural and mind shift change for the whole business, not just the advisers. The program covered and adds value in areas such as:-

• focuses on process and client centric language (including soft skills)

• improving organic growth

• improving prospect to client conversion ratios

• improving efficiency and therefore profitability

• teaching advisers how to demonstrate and articulate real value.

Above the line’ is why advice businesses do it. ‘Below the line’ is how advice businesses do it. I talk about advisers focusing on moving the conversation from ‘product to people’ or from ‘money to meaning’. 

Our signature program The Client Centric Advice Program is now live – online and helps solve these issues.

Are your advisers looking for:- 

  • growth
  • improved profitability
  • improved systems & processes
  • to attract & retain the right clients & talent
  • to stop working for their staff
  • to get their life back?

We can provide a fast-track to success, by showing a proven, scalable, client-centric, sustainable, fee-based advice model that delivers a compelling value proposition that will not only enhance clients’ lives but deepen and enrich advisers lives as well.

While many practices survive, they don’t thrive in the way their principals imagined when they set out. What about advisers? Poor work life balanceLimited GrowthToo little profitLimited earning? Are they looking to take the next step to improve?

There is a better way. We have helped thousands of professionals to achieve significant growth in revenue and profitability, build or improve systems and processes and be more in control, attract and retain the right clients and team members, and move from a practice to a genuine business.

The outcomes speak for themselves. Benefits in 12 months for those that have done the program and implemented are

  • new clients up over 100%,
  • new revenue up over 120%
  • prospect to client conversion up over 250%
  • ongoing revenue up over 130%
  • AUM - average client up from $379k to $784k – over 200%

Included is 6 chapters, 22 topics, over 27 videos (over 3 hours & 20 mins), over 38 global best practice templates, scripts and agendas, along with quizzes, FAQ and text. 

All for the cost of less than one new client. (two options with different price points a) online $2950 or b) online and facilitated $5450 all plus gst (for those in Australia).

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