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In our experience, firms primarily use external consultants to provide solutions on a specific issue. We’re different in that we take a holistic approach. We understand that issues tend to impact on each other, so there is nearly always another area of the business that needs attention. This means our approach looks at the business as a whole.

We understand it’s about you, and your vision & dreams. But we know to work with us, you need confidence and certainty.

We know how to do this because:

  • We’ve done it
  • We’ve made good decisions, errors, and learnt along the way
  • We know what works – we’ve proven it
  • We’ve incorporated the theory but put into practice in the real world
  • We made plans and executed

Why waste time trying to re-invent the wheel? Learn from our experience.

From mentoring to business planning, consulting projects have included building Elite Adviser Academies, and establishing and sitting on Advisory Boards.

David is available to consult to advice businesses, or businesses that serve financial advisers on a B2B basis. We can strategise around how financial planning is changing in the digital age and the different types of value, service, and fee propositions available. Business visions and planning; ideal tech stacks; employee value propositions, remuneration models, organisations structures, systems and processes (and automating), marketing and sales, ongoing measurement and management, analysis as to why growth is not occurring, are all part of where we can help.

Clients that we've advised include